Henan Zhongyuan Special Refractory Co. Ltd. (Former Name was Xinmi Zhongyuan Special Refractory Co. Ltd.) was established in 1994,which has 400 workers and administrators ,and 52 technicians (8 senior engineers, 26 engineers), with fixed assets of ¥ 50  million yuan, and yearly capacity of refractory products 20000t, refractory insulating material more than 3000t, syntherized mullite materials more than15000t, and various kind of fireclay, ramming material, patching material and other unshaped material 5000t. Our company possesses the subordinate workshops for materials processing, batching & moulding, firing, cold working and testing center, more than 200 sets of batching, mixing, vibrating, cutting, milling, drilling, pressing machine. The self-contained testing center is capable of chemical analysis,physical characteristic testing, developing and research for new products and it is also in charge of the quality control of whole production, the functions are helpful not only in controlling the production efficiency, but also in improving the quality of products to satisfy customers.

For the tin bath in float glass industry, we can supply tin bath bottom block, sealing materials,completed tin bath roof system including refractory material, insulating material, refractory steel parts and electrical connections,as well as the canal paving block,cover board,restriction block and backing tile.
For glass furnace, we can supply fireclay bottom block, insulating bottomblock, silimanite bottom block, silimanite chimney brick, checker brick, rider arch, mullite brick, re-sintered fused mullite brick, and a variety of mortar, ramming,patching and castable material.
For metallurgy furnace, we can supply high alumina brick, silimanite brick, mullite brick, and a variety of  ramming and patching castables material.
For petrochemical industry, we can supply various kind of high quality refractories like high purity mullite insulating material and high purity alumina insulating material.
For electronic and ceramic industry, we can supply various kind of syntherized mullite materials and kiln furniture materials.We can also provide services for engineering consulting, material matching and installation supervising of float glass furnace, tin bath and so on. 


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